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How To Tell If Your Car, Phone or Home Is Bugged

Magellan Blazer12 GPS Receiver.

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How To Tell If Your Car is Bugged

(We’ll presume you’ve conducted a physical search of the vehicle and as all GPS must have eyes-to-skies to receive and transmit info, have checked the wheel wells, near the middle pillar, and the bumpers.  A location monitoring device will not be secretly embedded in the engine or under piles of soft seat cushion.)

A GPS device  is now standard in vehicles,  whether embedded in its original design or as an add-on that can be attached to an electrical port.  Great tool to have if you are experiencing car problems or are simply lost.

There many come a time and circumstance, however, that one feels s/he is being tracked, via their active vehicular GPS.  The “why” is fairly irrelevant in that it usually generates from  several categories; s 1. your spouse may be cheating (thereby wanting to know YOUR location), 2. you are /are not cheating and your spouse suspects it , 3. you’ve managed to red flag the government, 4. business mistrust and or 5, some nut is stalking you and or your family.  There really are few other reasons wherein which one would find him/herself in this situation unless we trip into fiction.

Your vehicle’s GPS can easily be hacked into  and the info transmitted to a third-party with a receiver.  The easiest immediate  solution is to use your smart phone’s GPS.   (Vehicle and phone GPS systems use different frequencies.)  The turn on/off switch may be three or so menus down but the factory default is set on “Enabled”.  Better yet, if you have reason to keep your movements to yourself, use a paper map.

How To Tell If Your Cell Phone Is Tapped

(Notice: Most models manufactured after 2007 have built-in GPS so your location is easily broadcast.)

1. Check your bluetooth settings.  If an extra unknown name is listed, someone with access to your cell, has added themselves in as a passive third part listener (and potentially, recorder).

2. You may hear static from your cell, even if not is use.

3. You hear static noises when your phone is brought near to an electronic device (e.g. radio)

4. Look at the usage and note if it is constant or there are unaccountable time and data usage spikes.

Bottom line, the only way to make sure you aren’t giving out info via your cell is to remove the battery.  That does render the phone rather useless though.

How to Tell If Your Home Is Bugged

1.  Note any strange noises emitted from your phone, tv, computer or radio.

2. Check the locks and determine if they feel as secure.  If the key sticks, the lock may have been manipulated.

3. Check new objects in the home (all clocks, desktop fixtures, even pens) for physical bugs.

The easiest method of  identifying  unwanted spying equipment is a small bug detector. They retail now for extremely reasonable prices, are highly effective and relatively easy to operate.  Our favorite NY store is Brickhouse Security.  They carry a wide variety of bug detectors that range from heavy-duty to hand-held and most can monitor wireless and wired objects.  The price range is just as varied (from under $100 to over $1,000 – based on need.

BNI Operatives – A step ahead.

As always, stay safe.

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