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    For the trial law and legal community from a private investigator's perspective. The Beacon Bulletin is the weekly newsletter authored and published by our parent company, Beacon Network Investigations, LLC (BNI). We're a private investigation company. We DON'T dispense legal advice, respond to anonymous queries or black hat your enemies for you. (Internally, however, points are alloted for perfectly wordsmithed compliments.) We DO hope to inform. That's our business.
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Diabetic Reaction or Drunk Driving?


Good company: great product. TruTouchTechnologies, immediate dermal alcohol testing results.

In a previous Bulletin, we brought your attention to a great company with an important, life-saving message and product:

TruTouch Technologies has developed a non-invasive device that measures blood chemistry in a driver by shining a light through skin on the forearm and then analyzing the results.  Previously used for diabetes testing, this type of technology is now advanced to measure alcohol through the skin’s layers.

A New Strategy to Discourage Driving Drunk

Visit the company’s site and discover the broad applications of this type technology.  We’ve recommended Tru-Touch to clients in the aviation, transportation and construction industries.

BNI Operatives: Situationally aware.

As always, be safe.


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