In Memoriam; Dr. Tina Edler Flanagan


10.14.1971 – 07.19.2015

With a very heavy heart…

I am saddened by the passing yesterday morning (Sunday, July 19, 2015) of my niece, Dr. Tina Edler-Flanagan,. Tina graduated med school at an age when most were graduating college, fast-tracking her desire to help people. She was an ER physician – a career path she selected; enabling her to be on the front lines of saving lives. Unfortunately, her own life could not be saved yesterday.

“I recently had to take my 2 yr. old to the ER because she had been vomiting for 2 days.  Dr. Flanagan and the ER nurse, Cate Tillman, were wonderful!  They took excellent care of my girl!  She ended up having to be admitted.  The entire nursing staff and the CNA’s on the 4th floor took excellent care of us!”

– Samantha    (from the Colquitt (Georgia) Regional Hospital ER site.)

More importantly – especially to her – she is the mother of two young, brilliant and good-hearted children, Katherine Rose and Michael, and a loving wife to her considerate and caring husband, Ruben Flanagan. She also leaves behind her mother, my sister, Lucia Edler and her father, my brother-in-law, Hugh Edler, and a large extended family – all of whom are shocked and grieved by Tina’s passing.

tina family

Tina holding Rosie and Michael (and a little family friend on the left).

Tina Marie is now by God’s side, surely continuing her good works through the powers that be. Rest in peace, my beautiful niece. I do not know why this happened and may the purpose be revealed in time but know that you are loved. So very, very loved.

(I apologize to family members and Tina’s friends – all over the world – whom we were unable to get a hold of… which is why we decided to post this farewell…)

Finally, and with the deepest gratitude to Tina, she is the one who propelled me – through our mutual experiences in life that prompted my career change to investigations – to push forward with Beacon Network Investigations (BNI) and believed in what we do, particularly work (if one can call it that) with voices that might otherwise be silenced – not only by her words but by her actions too; she directed situations to BNI that she believed required our help.  Let it be known to all that I am reaffirming that we will continue with Tina’s wishes on certain ongoing matters.

The words to fully describe Tina’s beautiful soul have not yet been invented so this written commemoration will end now although her memory will live on forever.

Love you strongly, always… Aunt Lina

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