DashCams, Amplifiers, Unshredders, etc. Our Five Favorite Spy Gadgets, Fall 2015.


1.  Personal Video Recording DashCam

How many times have you been driving on the road, only to witness someone pulling right out in front of you? Or weaving in and out of traffic?  Catch bad drivers red-handed with the Vehicle Safeguard Video Recording Camera  (several brands carry this dashcam). Attach the cradle to your vehicle’s dashboard and place the recording unit inside the cradle. Set the recording angle in any direction of your choice and insert an SD card (up to 2GB capacity)  to store the recordings. The camera weighs one pound and operates on four AAA batteries. (Use discretion; playing Highway Patrol may just get the real cops on the scene.) 


2. Sound Amplifier

So, what are the boss and the CEO discussing?  (Those of you with imaginations can interpret usage to suit your needs.) With the Motokata Bionic Ear-Hearing Amplifier sound-magnification technology,  you can hear any conversation clearly up to 20 feet away.  Effortlessly wearable due to its one ounce weight, the amplifier reaches up to approximately 50 decibels and can be easily attached to your shirt or jacket pocket or belt.  Attach the  amplifier to the included stereo earphones to comfortably hear spoken words and control the volume.


3. Unshredder

(Bet you didn’t think we could beat the dashcam!) I leave it to our readers to determine why they might need documents unshredded but when necessary, Unshredder, said to be the first commercial document reconstruction tool in the world, is a computer program capable of reconstructing documents that have been strip-shred and cross-shred, and documents with torn pages. Instead of aligning each little shredded piece by hand, this Windows-based application automates the reassembly of documents through four simple steps: collate, segmentation, reconstruction, and report. The finished results can then be printed, e-mailed, or copied. Used by government agencies, police departments, lawyers, private investigators, and security agents, Unshredder is available with a monthly license for $90 or a yearly license starting at $950.

sim card spy

4. Cell Phone Sim Card Spy

Has your loved one been acting a bit weird lately when he or she is on the phone? As our dedicated readers know, Brickhouse Security is our favorite spy shop and they’ve now come out with the  Cell Phone Sim Card Spy. This software and hardware solution allows you view, save, and edit files on a cell phone by removing the SIM card from the phone, placing it into the Cell Phone Spy reader, and connecting it to a USB port on any computer.  You’ll even be able to recover deleted files—including photos and text messages—and view them right on your computer. Just be prepared for the results.

vehicle chaser
5. Vehicle Chaser

Ok, YOU can’t have one (yet) but it’s nice to know that the new vehicular technology from StarChase. helps police prevent a dangerous live car chase.   StarChase developed is a system that is capable of aiming a laser at the back of a vehicle and firing a projectile that contains a GPS receiver, wireless transmitter, and battery. This, in turn, tracks a vehicle’s whereabouts. The data is then transmitted via secure Internet connection to a dispatch center. There are more than 100,000 high-speed pursuits in the U.S. every year according to the company, but StarChase is hoping to reduce that with this safer and more effective way to catch criminals.

If you don’t have a spy gadget swag closet, your life in incomplete.

(We verify our links to products but have no control over the sites’ redirects.  If a link doesn’t take you exactly to the information you are seeking, send us an email – info@BNIinvestigations.com – and we’ll track it down for you.)

BNI Operatives: Situationally aware.

As always, stay safe.

2.  Computer Mouse Transmitter

Need to hear and record . The Computer Mouse Transmitter houses an ultra-mini microphone and transmitter circuit, which can pick up sounds from up to approximately 32 feet away. For the rich spy, this sneaky mouse sells for £575 ($1,128 USD) from UK-based SpyCatcherOnline.

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