Top Five Spy and GPS Gadgets for 2015-2016

We are augmenting our weekly Beacon Bulletin with this awesome list of spy gadgets from our friends at Brickhouse Security and Cheaters – from the TV show of the same name and KJB Security Products.  We highly recommend, however, that before even considering any surveillance, know your state’s laws on hidden recordings:  Reporter’s Committee for Freedom of the Press and  the legal use of GPS tracking:

Wall Adapter Spy CameraThe wall adapter fits in any room & the specialized camera can easily capture video of everything happening in front of it.  CHTRS.


Electrical Outlet Hidden CameraThis high-quality hidden camera is battery operated & would be appropriate for use in any scenario.  CHTRS.


Tracking Key Pro GPS LoggerLow-Cost Car Tracker Show You Everywhere The Car Went Records GPS location data every second Put on a vehicle, let it drive, and use a computer to see everywhere it was.  Precise accuracy within 2.5 meter of device.   Very small, portable design.   Powerful built-in magnet to place underneath a vehicle.   Runs on 2xAA batteries.  No monthly service charges.  BRICK.


iTrail GPS LoggerThis tiny GPS data logger is ideal as a covert personal GPS tracker. Hide it in a bag or car and retrieve it later for a full travel history.  Captures Location, Speed & Time.  Just Retrieve and Connect Device to Any Computer.  No Monthly GPS Monitoring Fees.  BRICK.


KJB Security Products Recover It USB Stick (Forensic Data Recovery)Search your smartphone or PC for over 25 types of files. See deleted emails, videos or pictures.  Save, view or delete chat logs.  Find hidden images by searching Internet cache files and deleted pictures.  Shred selected file/extension types permanently.  Search for chat logs or image files. KJB.

(The above gadgets are meant for personal use and are easy, user-friendly for the novice but capable enough for the professional.)

BNI Operatives: Situationally aware.

As always, stay safe.


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