How To Turn Your SmartPhone Into The Ultimate Audio Spy Tool

spy phone

You don’t need to be Q to order up James Bond’s fancy spy gadgets to have enhance audio capability… you can simply reach into your pocket and pull out your smartphone.  Today’s technology has provided us with multiple spy tools in one relatively small everyday item (cell phone), such gadgetry previously only available in specialized separate devices. Below is a list of apps and peripherals available for you to use on your smartphone on your next covert assignment (or overt deposition recording – just make sure you get permission!):

Audio Recorder

Eavesdropping used to mean carrying around an audio recorder.  Although all smartphones come with a sound recorder, the quality can vary greatly from phone to phone and the time restrictions can be annoying. Talk-a-Tape Audio Recorder  “is an audio & voice recorder for easy recording. No time limit for recordings of your interviews, performances, notes, songs and more. Tape-a-Talk picks up sound in high quality, even while the display is off”.


But maybe you can’t get close enough to your subject to eavesdrop? Put on some earbuds or headphones to ultimately disguise yourself as someone who is truly not paying attention to your mark and turn on EarSpy, an Android app that routes the audio from your phone’s mic straight to your headset—so you can hear everything around you while remaining that much more inconspicuous. Due to its enhanced audio pick-up capability,  it can become a high-powered listening device (like a hearing aid or a super Spy App).


And if you don’t want to risk your smartphone but still need to get wireless ears on the target, SoundHawk is a smartphone-assisted hearing aid that comes with a wireless microphone you can leave nearby. The earpiece works in conjunction with the Soundhawk app which has a series of built-in settings for a number of different “sound scenes” like outdoors and tight indoor spaces. Once you’ve picked where you are, you dial in the best tuning for your ear using an intuitive touch and drag interface.

Just make sure you know the applicable law for your venue.

BNI Operatives: Situationally aware.

As always, stay safe.

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