Find Your Keys, Pets and Kids! (Try Not To Lose Them In The First Place But…)


Searching for a lost or misplaced item (or person!)  can be extremely frustrating and to our chagrin, is an aggravating problem that most of us have to deal with on a daily basis.   This need to locate our lost items asap has caused a massive increase in the number of tracking devices sold worldwide.

With that said, we felt it our mission to find out which tracking devices are at the top of the list based on locating three items:  personal property (e.g., keys, phone, wallet, etc., pets and most importantly, kids.  Our decades of experience yields the following as the top 3 cost-effective, timely and affordable tracking devices available in the common market today:

TrackR: Instantly finds your keys, phone, pets and more.

How It Works:  TrackR is a coin-sized attachable tracking device whose free app connects with TrackR’s 250,000 global customers, forming a far-reaching crowd GPS network that no other tracking devices offers.  Also, the TrackR displays the last location of your lost item on a map and it even sounds an alarm to help you pinpoint its exact location. Want to proactively lessen the odds of misplacing a trackable item? TrackR sends your phone an alert if you get up and walk away from the item’s last exact location.


What if you can’t find your phone?  Just press the button on any TrackR device and it will instantly ring your phone, even if it’s in silent mode.

WHISTLE – Quickly and Easily Locate Your Pet

How Does It Work?:  By attaching a handy GPS device on your dog’s collar, you can help ensure your pet’s safe return home. Whistle allows you to set safe zones for your pet  (e.g. dog parks, dog sitters home, your home) on their free mobile app and if they step out you’ll get an instant notification on your phone.

Then, as soon as you’ve been notified that your dog isn’t where he’s supposed to be, you can use Whistle’s live GPS tracking capabilities to pinpoint his exact location on a map. As an added FREE benefit, Whistle also keeps track of long-term health trends and his activity and sleep patterns, giving you important insights into your dog’s health. Whistle has already saved thousands of families from the misery of losing their pets.

iGPS: Immediately Locate Your Child

How Does It Work?:   The iGPS Watch is a groundbreaking product that’s packed with alert and safety features to protect your children. First, its two-way talking capability allows you to talk with your child just like you would on a mobile phone. Then there’s the SOS Call Button that your child can use to call up to 8 emergency contacts with the single press of a button.

Also, it has a customizable “safe zone” feature you can set up too. So if your child steps out of a safe zone like school, a friend’s house, or soccer practice, you instantly get an alert message on your phone. Got an uneasy feeling and want to make sure your kid is ok? Use their live GPS tracking to pinpoint your child’s exact location on a map or use their ‘Listener Mode’ feature which lets you listen to their surroundings without anyone knowing – find they’re being bullied at school or if that nanny is cursing a mile a minute at them.


And if you’re worried they can just take it off, don’t be because it’s the only kids safety watch that comes with a Removal Sensor that notifies you if it’s taken off.

There’s no reason to become paranoid but why not avail ourselves of the best tracking devices in the world that will help us know where our family, pets and possessions have gone?

BNI Operatives: Situationally aware.

As always, stay safe.

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